Rough Rider’s 5 inch Drop Point Hunter(RR844)



Why I bought it:

I saw it on eBay with a rediculously low offer in the last seconds of bidding. On an impulse I thought the knife was worth way more than what was offering so I made a counter offer. I wound up winning the knife for about $8.00 (including postage) i later found out that SMKW sold the knife for around $12-14. I honestly thought and still think it would be a great knife for twice that price.


The Sheath. Similar versions of this knife by Elk Ridge and others comes with nice leather sheath. The Rough Rider version deserved the same treatment. While the Nylon sheath will endure weather extremes better, I really didn't like the securing snap for the handle. The knife would snag on it when pulling it in and out and I feel the exposed metal rivet would eventually mar the beautiful handle. I've relocated the securing strap.

Knife with original sheath. The knife hangs up on the securing strap when removing and replacing the knife


It a beautiful looking knife and the blade length is ideal. There is a nice arc to the spine of the knife that runs from tip to pommel which gives the knife a graceful appearance. The grip is very smooth but there really isn't much slippage due to the finger groove. The knife comes razor sharp. I have used the knife repeatedly and it has kept its edge better than my Buck 473BK. It also has a sheath that actually is made for the knife, unlike the Buck.

Summing things up:

Is this a top of the line hunting knife? Of course not. It cost around $12. With that said, it is well worth the price. As the knife is using 440A stainless, you will need to take a stone to it more often thant hunters made with better steel. However other skinning and hunting knives made with 440A or equivlent such as the B473BK or Case Ridgeback cost 2-4 times as much and will require just as much sharpening.


Modifying the Sheath:

As the only thing I really didn't like was the securing strap on the sheath, I decided to modify the sheath. It was an easy affair that took about 30 minutes.The strap was carefully cut from the sheath. This was easy to do as it is simply sewn to the sheath. Snip a few threads and the strap is loose. The male snap was cut from the nylon strap and the the newly cut edges was lightly heated with a match to melt the nylon and prevent unraveling. Next the male strap was sewn to the lip of the sheath. slight right of center. The knife was placed in the sheath, the strap was snapped and then pulled around the guard and the locatio where to attach the securing strap was determined. Then the strap was sewn in place.



  • Name:Burlwood Hunter
  • Model number: RR844
  • Style: Hunter
  • Country of origin: China
  • Overall length: 9.75 inches
  • Overall blade length (guard to tip): 4.5 inches
  • Blade style: modified drop point
  • Blade steel: 440A Stainless
  • Handle material: Dark wood/Burl wood
  • Tang: Full tang
  • Handle Length (guard to pommel, inclusive): 5 inches
  • Guard: Darkwood 1/2 guard
  • Tang stamp:
          Obverse - RR horseshoe
          Reverse - RR844 China
  • pins: Brass rivets
  • Pommel: N/A
  • Bail or lanyard: brass lanyard hole
  • Sheath: Ballistic nylon w internal plastic sleeve.

Modifying the Sheath (Continued) By modifying the sheath so that the strap secures the gurad, th eknife remians secure in the sheath. At the same time, when the strap is unsnaped the knife can smoothly be withdrawn from and replaced into the sheath. Becasues the snap is right where the Red Rough Rider Signature tap was located, I also carefully removed the logo and re-sewed on the retaining strap.