Rough Rider’s "Le Porc Heureux"
Mushroom Hunter's Knife (RR1400)

Rough Rider's "Le Porc Heureux" and its colorful box make an excellent gift package for the Mushroom lover!

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Due to their acute sense of smell and natural fondness for mushrooms, pigs have traditionally led harvesters in the French countryside to the often elusive delicacy the Truffle, thus inspiring the name of our Mushroom knife, "The Happy Pig". Use it for harvesting or in the kitchen.

Before I begin, I need to disclose I don’t harvest mushrooms in a farm or in the forest.  Take this in mind while reading the review. (I might, however, test it on the pesky toadstools that pop up in my yard this summer!)

Is this a real knife?
I had never heard or seen this type of knife until Rough rider made one! However it is an actual knife pattern. The Mushroom knife is a specialty knife used for harvesting mushrooms. The hawkbill blade is used to to cut the mushroom in the stalk area allowing the mushroom to be removed without damaging the mycelium which is the underground structure considered vital for the environment. The soft bristle brush is used to remove dirt and debris from the mushroom without bruising. (Water is not used because it can cause damage to the mushroom.

Overall Opinion:.
My overall opinion of the Le Porc Heureux  knife is it lives up to the usual high quality build of Rough Rider Knives.   The blade opens and closes smoothly with a decent snap.  No blade wobble when opened or closed , Overall fit and finish is excellent. 440a is used for the blade which is more than adequate for cutting something as soft as mushrooms (most mushroom knives seem to use 420 stainless steel!). Rough Rider has used a nice satin finish on all metal parts.  The boar’s hair brush on the end is securely attached and seems soft enough not to damage a mushrooms. (This seems to be the industry standard for a mushroom brush)

The knife feels very good in the hand.  The lanyard hole is large enough for a key ring and you could easily hook it to a belt with a snap-link if you like.  However, the overall length is such that the knife will adequately fit in a five inch folding knife pouch if you want to sheath carry.

Compared to other Mushroom knives:
As I mentioned, the knife is a very select tool and as such very few knife makers have bothered to make them.  From what I gather, the pattern is much more popular in Europe as every company that is currently making mushroom knives seem to be doing so in Europe! What I have found is Opinel, Fox, Burgon & Ball, and  Maserin are the main companies that make  mushroom knives.

The main difference between the Rough Rider Mushroom knife and all the others is the price. The Rough Rider is $9 while the others range in price from $22-$150!  Most use some type of hardwood handle and most have a mushroom brush on the pommel. A few knives have molded plastic handles. The Rough Rider the Le Porc Heureux  knife is an elegant knife that is 1/3 the price of the competitors and should be as good at harvesting mushrooms as any other knife of the same design and quite frankly looks as nice as the more expensive knives.

Final Thoughts:
I bought the knife as a novelty.  I had never seen one before and knew nothing of the pattern. I think I will find some uses for it in arts and crafts but I’ll also be ready if anyone ever asks me to go mushroom hunting. The knife has inspired me to possible collect other knives of the mushroom variety or possibly I will add this to my other work knives such as the cotton sampler, filet knives, grape knives, etc.

I hope that Rough Rider looks for other off-beat specialty knives for future collection and use. I also wouldn't mind seeing this knife in other handle materials such as bone. On researching the Mushroom pattern, i also noticed many came with a pair of tweezers or small belt sheathes. A deluxe model with such additions would be nice.

If you are a mushroom hunter and you're looking for a nice looking well made mushroom knife at a very affordable price, you won't go wrong with the Rough Rider Le Porc Heureux!


RR 1400 Mushroom Knife
  • Model number: RR1400
  • Style: Mushroom Knife
  • Country of origin: China
  • Length:  5.25 inches, closed
  • Blade:  Hawkbill,  2.75 inches overall
  • Blade Steel:  440A stainless steel. (brushed)
  • Handle: Hardwood(unspecified)
  • Shield: None – 4 CM black silk screen rule
  • Pommel: Boar's hair bristle brush
  • Liners:Stainless steel (brushed)
  • Bolsters: Stainless steel (brushed)
  • Pins:  Brass
  • Bail:  Lanyard hole/Key ring

A comparison:

Top to Bottom: A fixed blade mushroom knife made from a Herder Hawkbill blade and White Tail Deer bone, the Rough Rough Mushroom Knife and the Rough Rider Hawkbill (RR1144)