Rough Rider Scout Knife RR533

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One of my favorite patterns of knives is the Scout/Utility. I have over around 15 officially licensed knives made for the Boy Scouts of America. This doesn't include an additional 6 or 7 camp/utility that were not made for the Boy Scouts. The traditional scout/utility pattern is well over 100 years old. It seems as long as there have been bottles or cans needing open, there have been scout knife with a can opener and a cap lifter. And as long as Boy Scouts have been camping, that knife has included a awl (punch) and a spear master blade. Unlike, most other scout knives made today, The Rough Rider offer a very old fashioned can opener (sometimes called a tin-cutter) instead of the "improved" can opner featured on post WWII scout knives.

RR 533- Amber Jigged Bone



  • Pattern Numbers: RR 533
  • Handle: Amber Jigged
  • Length Closed : 3 5/8 inch
  • Blade Steel: 440 A Razor Sharp Stainless Steel
  • Blade Main: Spear  
  • Secondary: Punch can opener
  • Secondary: Cap-lifter/Screwdriver
  • Secondary: Punch
  • Blade Etch: 440/Razor Sharp/Steel [Pad Print]
  • Tang: RR 533 / China [Pad Print]
  • Bolsters: Ringed Nickel Silver
  • Lining:  Brass.
  • Pins: Brass
  • Shield : Rough Rider Propeller  
  • Bail: Nickel Silver

Packaging: Rough Rider Denim Blue Tray Box

RR533 Amber Jigged BoneDescription:
The only real flaw on the knife is the thumb stud which protruded slightly through the tin cutter blade. It was noticeable. and it was making ever so slight contact with the main spear when I pressed on it to open the blade. I filed it down a bit and polished the blade with 600 grit sand paper and a fine finish emory cloth. The protrusion is barely noticable now. If you opt to do this, be careful as this protrusion is due to the back of a rivet and filing too much may cause the stud to loosen and fall out. The flaw was so minimal that it took me six months before I even bothered to file down the stud. Despite several months of rubbing, the scratch never really got worse than from the first day.

As the Red bone knife did not have this problem, it may have only been a problem with my knife. Either way to not buy this knife for this reason is really just looking for an excuse.