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How did I choose these movies?

The site is divided into eight areas. Each area may have between 5 and 20 titles. As time permits, I will provide a brief description and possibly how it is rated at Internet Movie Database (IMDB). This may help you decide if I'm just a little loopy or if you will also like the movie.

You will notice that the lists are numbered. In some ways I guess this is a ranking of the movies but don't get hung up on where a movie appears within the list. I would easily put 100 movies in my top ten list. This is why you will see some movies that are numbered "**" at the bottom of the list. I like them too, but just can't figure out which movie on the current list has to go for them to move up and occupy a numbered space. There are dozens of movies I like that are not even listed. Heck, how did all the Marx Brothers and John Wayne movies miss the list of favorites?

A Note About Sequels:
For the most part, I figure the studios tried to cash in on the popularity of a movie with sequels so I figure the original movie is going to be judged along with the sequels. This means The Star Wars trilogy and the new trilogy of "prequels" are all being judged together. You see, if I watch a movie and I like it and then along comes a crappy sequel, it somehow diminishes the quality of the first movie. This is why Raiders of the Lost Ark doesn't make it on my list (comes close but it just misses because of Temple of Doom). The Star Wars trilogy may have made it but it was just totally destroyed by the latest Lucas fiasco. So basically, a movie and its sequels will be judged as one body of work most of the time.

1. Favorites: Not the best, just the ones I watch over and over!
Movies that were either critically acclaimed or popularly acclaimed at the box office that I can watch again and again.

2. Guilty Pleasures: Yes I'm serious, I like that awful movie!
Most everyone agrees that these movies are stinkers, but I'll watch them over and over anyway.

3. Critics Choice -- Critics Love 'em, I don't!
These are the movies everyone says I should like, but I see no redeeming value in them at all

4. Dust Collectors -- One more Time! No thank You!
Movies I feel are worth seeing and deserving of praise but will probably never watch again. Don't confuse these with Critics Choice! Make no mistake! I thinks these movies are great! I'm just not going to rush out and buy them. Yes, you see them by all means, but rent them, because if you buy them, you may find them collecting dust.

5. Made for TV -- and it is still a great flick!
Movies made for television, either Broadcast or Cable.

6. Catholic --It's the Catholic in me.
Movies that have a positive religious theme even if you didn't know it.
7. Chick Flicks a Guy Can Stomach
movie which is designed or considered to appeal mainly to women, and generally focusing more on romance or relationships