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(Just for the heck of it, This page updated 10/28/2008 )
Note: This site was initially created in 1995. It went under several renditions but eventually went dormant with the introduction of and the Church of Buffett, Orthodox.

The page was the second Jimmy Buffett fan web site on the World Wide Web. The first was (Son of a Son of a Sailor, hosted by Dave April.) The Church of Buffett, Orthodox was the third site to pop-up. Originally that site was run by Kirk Lockhart who went on to produce a Todd Snider web site. COB,O was passed on to Chris Wilson who still maintains it but admits the site is on life-support. Parrot Central went part and parcel with the Buffett-listserv wich was moderated by Bill Lack. All in all I'm a stage 9 Buffett fan. You can find out what that is by readigng these pages.

Looking for that One Particular Harbour?

Boat Drinks -- The Lost Shaker -- The Coloring Book
Pirates -- The Bermuda Triangle --Did Someone Say "Guestbook"

To the left is a scanned image of the actual pop top that Buffett cut his heel on.!

Make me an offer. It could be yours!


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