Cuba Libre

This is one of those really exotic drinks NOT!

Yeah you guessed it I'm gonna start off with the Rum drink every high school kid orders whenever he doesn't order a Screwdriver.

In a glass pour in a shot of light rum the juice of half a lime and top with coke. Okay now that that is out of the way lets get started. (I dare you to go to a bar and ask for a Cuba Libre)

Be wild have a Rum and Cherry Coke.

Jolly Mon

Everyone has had it and it and probably has a gazillion names but it is usually rum and coconut. This is my book and my variant so I'm calling it a JOLLY MON.

(Don't want to water it down Mix up a batch ahead of time mixing equal portion of all three ingredients and store it a fridge. Serve cold.)

Coral Reef

A frozen drink that looks as cool as its name

Combine rum, lemon juice, syrup, grenadine, and ice in a blender until smooth, serve it in a martini glass and garnish with a flower.

FOR 2 or MORE.... Call 'em CORAL REEFERS!

1 part grenadine-2 parts simple sugar-2parts lemon juice-3parts dark rum-- as much ice as you need.

Oyster Shooter

Mix it all up in a shooter glass and chase it with a cold beer if you feel the need.

for more than one: get your head examined.

Dark & Stormy

In a beer stein: Very big around Trinidad and Tobago.

Rum Boogie

This is kind of like a Cuba Libre but with a twist

In a highball glass squeeze the limes over the ice. Then add the rum, Amaretto and Coke. Stir the sucker up and serve.

(Multi drinks 1 part Amaretto--3 parts rum--4 parts coke. Three lime wedges per drink. Best to add the lime straight to the glass rather than the mixture. Do not prepare too far ahead of time It'll go flat.)

Surf Sider

You guessed it. throw it all in a blender and let'er rip until smooth. Serve it up in any kind of glass you like.

(For more than one serving. 1 part simple syrup--4 parts pineapple juice--2 parts blue Curacao-- 4 parts rum. 1 scoop of ice per part of simple sugar. Mix the same way.)

Banana Puke

Dedicated Grumpy Old Parrot Heads everywhere

Get yer blender out and set it to banana wind speed (fast enough to knock the bananas out of a tree. Throw in the bananas, syrup, and rum. Once it looks like puke, add a little crushed ice to cool it off.

Pour into a champaign glass and top with nutmeg.

Make about three or four servings of puke

Mud Slides

Who would've thought! I guess everyone has seen the mixes for these things. I was making them before they had names.

Recipe for original "Mudslides"
AKA, "Kayo-Dayo"

Blend and serve. A deceptive drink. You'll never realize how drunk you are until its too late.

Yellow Bird

Yellow bird up high in banana tree...

A traditional boat drink

Pour all that stuff to gether in a mixing glass and shake it up. Pour it in a tall one filled with crushed ice, slice of orange for garnish sip away your blues.

(For a party mix)

In a blender add 6 part gold rum-- 4 parts OJ-- 4 parts Pineapple juice-- 1 part orgeat syrup. Set the blender for mix for several seconds and pour the mix in glasses filled with crushed ice. (i.e if you throw in two ounce of orgeat you should add eight ounce of OJ and pineapple and 12 ounces of rum) Simple mathematics other mixing amounts First number is Orgeat, second OJ, third Pineapple, fourth rum: 2-8-8-12 3-12-12-18 4-16-16- 24 ... Use a calculator for PI:


Have two of these and go watch Night of the Living Dead

Blend it up with some cracked ice

strain into a tall frosted glass, float a shot of 151 on top and serve it up with some straws.

Have one too many and you'll feel like death warmed over the next day.

Pina Colada

Pour it all in a glass of crushed ice and top with coconut milk.

There are variations galore in the Colada group. Some skip the OJ, others go for just a shot of dark rum. This is a great one for experimenting. Try your favorite juices and create your own colada.

Tampico Trauma

A knock you on your ass kind of drink. Good for getting you thrown out of town or stripping varnish from the wood work.


Combine stuff in a mixing glass and stir.

Throw a couple ice cubes in a "Tom and Jerry" jelly glass, pour in the trauma, a lemon wedge for garnish and sip.

( If you want to make a big batch, mix 1 part tequila, 1 part 151 rum to 2 parts Amaretto)

WARNING: This is Strong Shit. One glass is equivalent to six shots of good whiskey. For a watered down version you may want to add, you guessed it water. I prefer carbonated lemon flavored water.

Tequila Sunrise

Mix up the Tequila and the OJ then add the Grenadine but do not mix. A Good morning wake up drink for all you despondent expatriated Americans

Expatriated American

In a rocks or hi-ball glass, toss a couple cubes of ice, pour in the rum and grapefruit juice, lightly stir. Sprinkle on the sugar and other spices but do not stir.

Expatriated American Breakfast

Cut a Grapefruit in half. Pour a shot of rum on each half, let sit for a couple of minutes, sprinkle with sugar, and eat. Make it more healthy. Put a Flintstones chewable vitamin on top of the grapefruit for a complete part of this nutritious breakfast. OKAY! OKAY! This was just a joke but I wonder....after all people plug Watermelons. See recipe below.

Ragtop Days

RAGTOP DAYS (Watermelon shots)

Set blender to Warp 10 and Play frog in a Blender (Once the melon chunks are completely liquid its ready)
Pour into a old mason jar and garnish with a one inch cube of watermelon. Drink while reclining in a hammock or with your feet dangling in the pool. Forget about cutting that grass.

Loco Cocoa Mocha

Say that one three times fast!

Sangriento Maria

A South of the Border Bloody Mary.

Papa Doble
This one was a Hemingway, thing. Mix it all in a blender with a Scoop of ice, garnish with a Marchino Cherry. Similar to an Expatriated American, and considering Hemingway was, it all make sense, sort of.

Tire Swing

Everyone has had Amaretto and orange juice. This is my way of doing it.

Throw it all in a blender and set to blur. Pour it in a brandy snifter or mason jar and garnish with a cherry. find an old tire swing by a lake or river kick back , relax and enjoy the view. That's why god created blenders and scenery.

Beach House

Mix and pour over the rocks, garnish with a cherry.

Mai Tai

Zap in a blender all l of the above and serve it over crushed ice

for more than one drink make the measurements 1 part grenadine--1 part grenadine--2 parts Curacao-- 4 parts rum (a half a lime per every two oz. of rum measured and a half teaspoon of sugar.) That's pretty simple.

All of them Daiquiris

The Basics: throw it all together and fire up the blender.

Add your favorite fruit or fruit juice and you have a fruit Daiquiri

Hey when it comes to Daiquiri, the tomato becomes a vegetable. Stick to pineapples, bananas, strawberries, peach, mango, papaya and the like. Mix and match but leave the tomatoes and the avocados for chip dips. Trust me. This is good advise. They don't teach you this kind of stuff in college you just got to learn from experience.

Wanna a FROZEN DAIQUIRI: toss in a mess of crush ice in the blender with all the other stuff.

So when the beer is too cold go for the Daiquiris, maybe they won't be too fruitiful!

Banana Republic

Throw all the ingredients except the ginger ale/soda & cherry in a blender and liquefy.

Toss a couple ice cubes in a collins glass and fill it half way with banana republic. Add ale/soda to the top and stir slowly. Toss in your Cherry, Now, put on a safari jacket, kick back in the lawn chair, crank up the stereo and sip away.


Mix: Hey you say this isn't a boatdrink I say watch Thunderball. It had boats. Okay its not really a boat drink and I don't even like 'em but its the only drink named after me! I had to include it. (If you put in an olive instead of onion you have a 007 Martini.)


A Traditional drink. Combine all ingredients in a shaker whaker with cracked ice. Shake and pout in a tumbler.

Pain Killer

Just something to ease the pain. Blend all the ingredients. Enough for four people or one person in some serious pain.


Get your Mojo workin'

Blend the juices and fruit until liquified, add the alcohol and mix lightly. Serve over the rocks or add crushed ice to the blender for a frozen version.

Baja Style Punch

This is one that's easy to remember even when you are drunk out of your gourd. As long as you can count to four you're set.

1 part lime juice, two parts simple syrup, three parts of Rum from Martinique, four parts tonic water or lemon flavored drinking water. Blend and serve over ice.

For an added treat sprinkle on some fresh nutmeg and give a dash of bitters to the glass.

Banana Boat

Banana Boat

Easy enough, toss all the stuff in a good blender listen to "Take Another Road" It's ready. Drink promptly or keep chilled. (serves 4 to 6)

Snuff Queen Shooter

It'll put hair on your chest or take what little you have off!

A game for two. Have a lot of fun. Set up a conga line of Snuff Queens put on the song Why Don't We Get Drunk And Screw. Evertime Jimmy sings Drunk, down a Snuff Queen. Everytime he sings Screw, remove an article of clothing. By the time the song is over you should be well on your way to acheiving the theme of the song.

The Captain's Colada

(From the back of the Captain Morgan Bottle)



Squalls out on the gulf stream. It seems like Bogie is back in Key Largo and that Hurricane is just on the horizon. where's my Pat O'Brien Brandy Snifter?

Everyone seems to have a version of a Huricane.

I'll call this one Hurricane Buffett!

Throw all the liquids in a blender, and blur it for a minute or so. Now pack that snifter with the crushed ice, pour on the rum and add the fruit as a garnish. Put the strips of Duct tape on the windows and enjoy the beauty and torrential power of a Hurricane!

Traditional Hurricane

Comment: Everyone who visits the city of New Orleans eventually finds his way to Pat O'Brien's for one of his famous Hurricanes. The drink, with its fruit punch taste, has packed a wallop on many unsuspecting partiers.

Into a cocktail shaker, pour lemon juice, rum and cocktail mix. Shake vigorously for one to two minutes. Pack crushed ice into cocktail glass and pour drink mixture over the crushed ice. Garnish with orange slice and cherry. To my knowledge, this is the original recipe and not quite the same as the one served at Pat O'Brien's today.

Martinique Martini

A twist for those three drink business lunches by the pool. Kick back in your power tie, Docker's Shorts and sandals and sip one of these with your Conch Salad. (best if the rum has been chilled but is not necessary)

This is a black-tie boatdrink.


Another one of my favorites for a hot summer day is Bullfrogs. They are easy to mix up in large quantities and are great for BBQs, picnics, boating, etc:

Get a can of Minute Maid Limeaid mix. Mix it up with water as per the instructions on the container. Then add one container full of vodka, and one container full of beer. Mix it up and serve it from a cooler or pitcher. Be careful though, they are a lot stronger than they taste.

Lovely Cruise

Here is a drink that I learned while working at a restaurant. Sorry I can't post the drink exactly as the restaurant made it but they are a national chain and I was told not to pass out the recipes. My version tastes just as good (much like lemonade) and is great on a hot day at the beach or by the pool.

Chris' Hurricane Season

Not a boat drink in the true spirit of things, but here's my favorite drink to get my mind off the weather. Mix the ingredients, but make sure to pour in the 7-UP last.

Serve in a big ice-filled Pat O'Brien's Hurricane glass, and top with cherry, of course.

This, along with BBBB boxed set, helped provide a fun time had by all... (Chris Landsea)

Hell Suite

Well, I don't know if you want to include this, but our group of Parrotthead has always made what they call Hell Suite punch (Hell Suite was where a bunch of them lived in college) I don't think there is an actual recipe. You go to the store, buy some of every kind of fruit they have, a bunch of frozen fruit juice, and lots of rum. make the juices all together, cut up the fruit and throw it in, add the rum to taste (as you can imagine, the tastes varied :) )

Submitted: Amanda

Rum Skip & Go Naked

In a blender combine:

Blend, garnish if desired, and serve.

Tropical Rum Smoothie

Note: I have no idea how much of each ingredient I use. Mix according to personal preference. I do find it tastes best if you go light on the rum.

You can always have another... At various times improper provisioning has forced me to leave out one, or more ingredients. It still tastes good. I often mix up a batch without the Rum for youngsters and abstainers. The virgin version also makes a great breakfast during the summer months.

Fill a good blender, preferably a "bar blender," about 1/3 with orange juice. Add a shot each of Bacardi Light and Meyers dark. Drop in as much of the fruit pieces as you can stuff in, but leave room for plenty of ice.

Top with a heaping spoonful of the Coco-Loco. Blend for a minute. You should now have enough room to add more ice or more fruit, depending on what you think it needs. Continue blending until smooth.

Serve in a tall glass garnished with any combination of the fruits used that you choose. An orange slice is also appropriate. A cherry is always a nice touch

A float of Meyers 151 can be added to the top of the drink at your discretion.

Hop Skip & Go Naked

Here is one - you may already have something like it. In college we called them HOP-SKIP & GO NAKEDs. They taste just like lemonade and are too easy to drink.

Caution: after a few of these you will do exactly as the name implies!


In a blender combine:

Blend, garnish if desired, and serve.

On The Rocks:

In a pitcher or blender combine:

Pour over crushed ice, garnish if desired, and serve.

Vodka Slush

This makes a large batch for those big parties. Start with an empty plastic 1 gal. ice cream container, mix in one 12 oz. Can Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate, One Can 12 oz. Frozen Lemonade Concentrate, 1 Cup of Iced Tea (Yes just like you'd drink), One 5th Vodka, Fill the rest of the container with water and freeze. When you are ready to drink, scoop out enough of this now frozen mixture and fill up the glass 3/4 of the way and the other 1/4 with seven-up or ginger ale. These are called Vodka Slushes, and got me through many a hot summer day in the desolate parts of Wyoming

when there was no ocean to be had and the only thing I had was Jimmy Buffett CD's and these drinks.

Gravity Storm

Pour seltzer in a glass with ice and add rum. Stir. This one is fairly dangerous and easy to drink.

Blond Stranger

pour both into a a glass with ice and stir. It tastes a helluva lot better than we thought it would.