Beers Lagers And Whatever Ales You

Bottom line, I guess, is beer is probably an all time favorite in 

the boat drink category 'though I guess it isn't really a boat 

drink. Goes great when camping, fishing, hiking, listening to 


Now you can either put listen to the song Uncle 

Hiram Homemade Beer by Dick Feller and brew your own or you can follow the easy beer recipe

The easy beer recipe..
  1. Go to the store, buy your favorite name brand, (bottled please)
  2. Use a bottle opener or pop the cap on the side of picnic table (much cooler than that silly twist cap stuff.) Let the bottle breathe a couple of seconds, sip or guzzle to suit one's own preference.

Alternate recipe:  Saint Louis Sewer Water.
  1. Substitute Budweiser in a can for the recipe above.
  2. let breathe,
  3. drink with out emotion,
  4. belch,
  5. repeat.

Free range beer is always found in a  bottle, the way nature intended it to be.



This is good stuff and it isn't even alcoholic. Try substituting where ever beer , carbonated water, or Ginger ale is recommended
3/4 cup of fresh ginger preferably from the west Indies.
6 cups of boiling water. (tap is fine but how about having them perkier blues or nursery water)
the juice of two limes ( don't skimp get some real key limes)
1 and 1/2 cups of sugar-- Remember all that stuff about simple syrup. For get it-- use sugar. cane is preferred but beet will work.
1/2 teaspoon of dry yeast.
Dump all this crap together in a really big mason jar or some other jar that can be sealed and stir it all up until it is all dissolved. Seal the sucker up nice and tight and stuff it in the closet behind the vacuum cleaner or your bill box. Make sure the closet isn't too hot or too cold-- you know keep the stuff at room temperature. Now forget about it. Listen to BBBB six to eight times in a row (wait at least twenty four hours). Go to the closet open the sucker up, strain the shit through a pair of panty hose, then refrigerate the stuff until its really really cold. Drink it straight or use it in some of the recipes that follow. (like a dark and stormy) Gives you ‘bout 1/2 gallon.


Sorry I don't make my own wine so I can't tell you how to do it.  

I do know that it takes longer to make wine than it does beer. 

This section will be on wine coolers.
Do-it-your-self-Wine Coolers-- I remember when it was called SANGAREE.
Get a cooler or other container.
bottle of wine
fruit or juice (Try CAPRI SUN juice drinks They work great!)
carbonated water.
Buy some white wine that you like. I like Italian Sparkling wines, they are sweet and are already carbonated so you can make a stronger cooler by cutting back on the water.
Find two or three fruits you like and squeeze out the juice.
Add this juice to the wine and stir it up. Pour in to cooler or suitable container already full of ice.
pour in the carbonated water and stir slowly. Garnish with chunks of fruit. Keep a lid on it to keep out the flies and keep in the carbonation.
BTW a real sangaree combines wine, brandy and water. Try substituting a schnapps or brandy for the juice for a cooler with more kick.
Pretty basic stuff but its classier than Bartles and Jaymes and you can make your own flavors like strawberry banana, watermelon lime and so on.