"I never said it was the Truth" --Oliver Stone

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 Oliver Stone and JFK

The bullet you see is the so-called "Pristine Bullet". Note the lack of steel on one side and the distorted shape. The bullet is never shown is this manner by any of the conspiracy crowd for fear it may bring some doubt into your mind about their theories. Ask yourself if this bullet really looks "pristine" from this angle.

Suffice it to say that my main gripe with Oliver Stone is his continuous attempt to pass off unsubstansiated and unverified opinions as facts. This was most blatant in his treatment of the JFK assasination.

He then goes on talk show after talk show saying some line of crap like "We ll this is just some people opinions I never said it was the truth."

GIVE ME A BREAK! The movie was nothing more than a force feeding of the conspiracy theories that Stone has bought into. He believes them and made every attempt to portray the bunk as the truth. He was quite successful in his efforts and I suppose it was a major boost to his fragile ego that he fooled so many people in to beleiving his tripe.

I'm sure that 80% of the people who come here will beleive Stone lock, stock and barrel but there is a web page that disputes the twisted tale of Mr. Stone. The main problem with Stone's movie and the other conspiracy theories is that they are full of holes.

If you want to do what so many of Stone's contemporaries advice you to do, go to the JFK Assassination page. Stone says the Warren Commision and other government investigations were just a cover up. He tells you not to beleive them. But you should ask yourself a simple question. Why should you beleive Stone. The logical thing to do is to read the sources and the opinions of experts on both side of the argument and then use your brain to form your own opinion. Then if you still want to believe that the Cubans, teamsters, FBI, CIA, LBJ, Mafia, or even that it was a suicide, fine by me. Just don't base your belief on the works of man who is out to re-write global events to fit his own mind set. Enough ranting Check out the JFK Asssassination page.