This site is dedicated to fans of the antiquated 9inch Macintosh. You Know; The folks who enjoy hacking on everything from a Macintosh SE to a Macintosh Classic II. A machine that is capable of running System 7 with no problem using the 68040 Motorola Processor that was and still is far superior to Windows 3.2 -- uh I mean Windows95. Who knows maybe a Mac Plus user out there has even made it to the WWW. Well beleive it or not most of my pages are done on a Mac Classic II and I figured it was about time to make a page that looked good where I tend to view it. And to all of you Microsoft/Bill Gates clones with your 21 inch color monitors with 100 megs of ram and a gigabyte of memory I say "Yeah, Yeah! So What!" 9 inches is more than enough for this hack. I have no 'monitor envy'. Okay folks! Let's go!

The 9inch Mac