Rough Rider's RR911 Stoneworx Peanut
Sunday Dress + Every Day Carry + South-western Artistry = Stoneworx.

See also: Stoneworx Series

The Stoneworx collection is a line of Rough Riders designed by SMKW's in house artist, Brian Wilhoite. The series uses a variety of synthetic stones that resemble stones found in the Southwestern United States and for this reason bear a striking resemblance to knives made by David and Brian Yellowhorse. Originally 12 patterns made up the Stoneworx line. Today that line contains 14 knives. (The Vietnam Brotherhood Trapper - RR1226 is also normally included as a member of the line by SMKW.)

RR911 - 2 7/8 in. Peanut
Peanut Stoneworx

Description: The peanut might be the only Stoneworx knife comprised of only synthetic stones. It has no pearl or abalone inlays.The top bolster is double ringed whereas the bottom is triple ringed. Operation is typical of all Rough Rider Peanuts with the pen blade being a little hard to open (but not nearly as hard as the pen blade on a Case knife)

  • Pattern: Peanut
  • Model Number: RR112
  • Length Closed: 2 7/8 inches
  • Main Blade: 2 inch clip
  • Secondary: 1.5 inch pen
  • Blade steel: 440A Stainless.
  • Bolster: Scalloped, Ringed, Nickel-Silver
  • Tang Obverse: Rough Rider Horse Shoe
  • Tang Reverse: Pattern number/ China
  • Stones: Bloody Basin Jasper, Yellow Jasper, Turquoise, Bloody Basin Japer, Yellow Jasper, Turquoise, Bloody Basin Jasper.

No doubt the main draw of the Stoneworx knives is their handle material.  According to the box, the handles are made of natural material.  This box is not 100% clear on what that means.  To clarify,  The handles are made with genuine pearl and abalone.  The other stones are synthetic; which is not necessarily a bad thing. Synth-stones are laboratory made stones which are chemically identical to natural stones. Typically synth-stone is made from waste stone which is ground up and then through pressure or heat treating reformed into useable stone. Synth-stones has fewer impurities and imperfections than natural stone making it more stable to use and less expensive than natural stone. For this reason alone it is being used more frequently in the Jewelry industry. The blue stone in the handle is synthetic turquoise, the red and yellow stones are synthetic jasper.