Rough Rider's RR794 Arrowhead Peanut

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Unfortunately, the Arrowhead knives are getting harder and harder to come by. Brian Yellowhorse took a lot of criticism for putting his name on this line of knives but the criticism is unjust. The design work is fantastic. He and Brian Wilhoite (who designed the box and may have assisted with other features should be commended for their efforts. The handle's imitation rough surface turquoise is based on the Bisbee Blue Turquoise found in Bisbee Arizona. The cast bolsters are based on the worked bolster found on Brian Yellowhorse's custom knives. W. R. Case & Sons is the leading make of the peanut pattern in America and they probably make the best Peanuts out there. However, Rough Rider's Peanuts rivals those of Case and normally at 1/3 the price. I actually find it easier to open and close the pen blade on Rough Rider peanuts easier than those on my Case Peanuts.

RR794 Arrowhead Peanut



  • Pattern: Peanut
  • Model Number: RR794
  • Length Closed: 2 7/8 inches
  • Main Blade: Clip, 2 inch
  • Secondary: Pen
  • Blade steel: 440 A
  • Shield: Arrowhead inlay shield
  • Bolster: Cast bolsters featuring custom work.
  • Tang Obverse: RR horseshoe
  • Tang Reverse: China
  • Liners: Brass
  • Pins: Brass
  • Handle Material: Imitation Turquoise

Packaging: Knife comes in the Brian Yellowhorse Arrowhead tray style cardboard box.