Rough Rider’s RR577 Marlin Spike

Part of my White Smooth Bone Collection & Marlin Spike Collection

As an avid collector of Nautical or Sailing knives, I have an especially soft spot for the Rough Rider Marlin Spike knives. For more on Sailing knives see my page, The Sailing Knife

Currently Rough Rider offers four rigging knives (marlin spike knives). All four knives are based on the old Camillus 697 pattern rigging knife. This pattern dates back to the official pattern adopted by the U.S. Military as early as 1942. Like the original knives, the Rough Riders feature a large non-locking sheepfoot blade and marlin spike that is locked in place by the bail. The knives all feature ringed nickel-silver bolsters and either bone or composition handles. The scales are attached with brass pins and all the knives also feature brass liners. All Rough Rider riggers feature the late model double back springs of stainless steel. This makes the blades easier to open while keeping them in place when they are opened or closed.

Marlin Spike - Rigger (RR 577)

The Rigger was a natural for the white smooth bone and was actually the first WSB knife that I bought.  In short, the knife is excellent and on par with the old Camillus made Riggers, including the Camillus made Case riggers.  Very clean handles and strong double back spring that holds the blade open but allows and easy pull.  The locking marlin spike is firm.  There is no blade or spike wobble whatsoever.  The spike has a good sharpness but isn’t too sharp.  The sheepfoot on the other hand is razor sharp. You will not find a better example of the traditional marlin spike on the market, especially at this price.  Fit and finish is head and shoulders above the Colonial marlin spike knife which is almost double the price.


  • Pattern: Marlin Spike (Rigger)
  • Pattern Numbers: RR 577
  • Length Closed : 4.5 inches
  • Main Blade: 2.5 inches
  • Secondary: 3 inch marlin spike
  • Blade Etch: 440 Razor Sharp (reverse)
  • Tang: RR horseshoe
  • Handle: White Smooth Bone  
  • Bolsters: Ringed Nickel Silver
  • Lining:  Brass.
  • Pins: Brass
  • Shield : None  
  • Bail: Nickel/Silver, locking

RR577 (Mermaid of Warsaw)



While I haven't learned to scrimshaw, myself, I did take the opportunity to have a friend do some scrimshaw work for me. The design was all mine but the labor was done by H. Brad O'Brien.

The white smooth bone scale features the Mermaid of Warsaw, the guardian of the city of Warsaw, Poland.

Handle: White Smooth Bone, scrimshawed with the "Mermaid of Poland"

Obverse blade marks:
Tang: "Horseshoe" tang stamp.
Blade: N/A

Reverse blade marks:
Tang: RR577/China
Blade: 440 / Razor Sharp / Steel

Shield: Nickel Silver Anchor.

Packaging: Standard "Rough Rider Blue Denim" card stock tray box