Rough Rider’s RR151 Large Lady's Leg

Part of my White Smooth Bone Collection

Lady's Leg, Large (RR 151)

Frankly I bought this knife because it is the closest thing to a large toothpick in Rough Rider’s white smooth bone. The knife is well made, the shoe is a functioning cap lifter, blade opens and closes smoothly with good snap, has excellent stay and play (no noticeable wobble) .  I really like the blade shape and it is absolutely razor sharp.  With all that said, it is a poor substitute for the traditional large toothpick.  Leg collectors will like it. Large toothpick collectors will find it a poor substitute for their collection.

Other patterns & handle Materials:
Rough Rider makes the large Lady's leg in several pattenrs including: RR 088 - amber jigged, .RR 288 - red jigged, RR957 - Bowie Series, RR1121 - Pink Support the Cause, RR1123 - RedSupport the Cause, RR782 - Outdoorsman, RR348 - Imitation Abalone, RR 504- Tortoise shell, RR Orange Smooth, RR1163 - Stoneworx (2 blade), and perhaps others.


  • Pattern: Lady's Leg (large)
  • Pattern Numbers: RR 151
  • Length Closed : 5 inches
  • Main Blade: 4 icnes
  • Secondary: Boot cap-lifter
  • Blade Etch: N/A
  • Tang: RR horseshoe
  • Handle: White Smooth Bone  
  • Bolsters: Nickel Silver
  • Lining:  Brass.
  • Pins: Brass
  • Shield : None  
  • Bail: N/A