Rough Rider’s RR139 Elephant's Toenail

Part of my White Smooth Bone Collection (See also RR120 Large Sunfish and RR139 Elephant's Toenail)

Elephant's Toenail (RR 139)

I don’t have many toenails and probably never will.  I think the pattern looks cool but I just don’t see a use for it.  From what I understand, the Toenail and Sunfish are both types of rope knives.  This would make sense, as the short wide blade would be ideal for cutting heavy rope. 

The toenail is essentially a tear drop shaped sunfish, that is the top bolster is larger than the bottom bolster.  The traditional elephant toenail has a spear master and pen secondary.  The pattern is popular with scrimshanders because it has a large area to work with.
What I’ve noticed about this knife is the blades seem to rub at the pivot point when opening, at least when I first got it.  I’m not sure of the technical term but I call it blade drag. I also noticed this among the Sunfish patterns.

At the time of purchase they had been out of stock at SMKW for some time and this issue may have been a case of “new old stock” as in the blades needed lubricating after a long period of storage.  In any case, big fat blades on a short frame means there isn’t a whole lot of snap when the blade opens or closes.  Don’t get me, wrong, the blades are held solidly in place with the back spring once they are open or closed; you’re just not going to hear a loud snap.  
Blade rub, as in the two blades touching either other or the liners is not an issue.  Both blades are also typically Rough Rider razor sharp.  In short, the Elephant Toenail is a big solid knife. Unfortunately  Rough Rider doesn’t make many toenails.  I would like to see this pattern added to the Stoneworx series

Other patterns & handle Materials:
Known Rough Rider Elephant Toenail pattern numbers:  RR084 - Amber Jigged,  RR277- Red Jigged  , RR355 - imitation Abalone,  RR523 – Sawcut bone,   RR511 – imitation Tortoise,  RR856 – Yellow Comp,


  • Pattern: Elephant Toenail
  • Pattern Number: RR 139
  • Length Closed : 4 inches
  • Main Blade: 2.75 inch Spear
  • Secondary: 2 inch pen
  • Blade Etch: N/A
  • Tang: Rough Rider
  • Handle: White Smooth Bone  
  • Bolsters: Nickel Silver
  • Lining:  Brass.
  • Pins: Brass
  • Shield : None  
  • Bail: N/A