Rough Rider’s RR1202 Toad Sticker

Part of my White Smooth Bone Collection & Toad Sticker Series

Toad Sticker (RR 1202)


The blade on the Toad Sticker is a very slender and tapers evenly from tang to tip.  This is unlike the typical melon tester which is normally a long spear blade that for most of its length is the same width from spine to edge.  The blade is 4.5 inches long At just 3/8 of an inch wide at the tang, you can imagine how pointy the blade is.  The Match striker pull is located around mid spine and the blade opens smoothly with little effort. Because of the thin profile of the blade, I was able to penetrate heavy cardboard almost effortlessly. It was also quite easy to push the knife through an inch thick uncooked pork chop and the side of 7 inch blue gill which stood in for a bullfrog.  The blade is also razor sharp but because of how thin the blade is, I’m reluctant to cut anything more than paper or cooked meat. I would not use it for carving or whittling. The blade is not designed for such work.  I also would not try pushing the blade into anything like wood as this in not a leather punch or awl. I suspect the tip would bend or break.  Nor is the knife an ice pick. You can use it to poke melons and/or frogs!

WSB toadsticker


  • Pattern: melon knife
  • Model Number: RR1204
  • Length Closed: 5 3/8 inch
  • Main Blade: 4.5 inch modified spear
  • Secondary: N/A
  • Blade steel: 440A Stainless.
  • Bolster: NA
  • Tang Obverse: Rough Rider Horse Shoe
  • Tang Reverse: Pattern number/ China
  • Liners: Brass
  • Pins: Brass
  • Handle Material: White Smooth bone

The Toad Sticker comes in a very limited number of handle styles. RR1203 Blue Swirl and RR1204 Purple Swirl Toad Sticker