Rough Rider’s RR1191 Orca Dive Knife

Orca dive knife

Why I bought it:

I think the main reason I bought this knife was because it was $7.00 at SMKW. I'm not a scuba diver. I don't even go snorkeling! With that said, the pattern intrigued me and at just $7.00 I decided to snap one up and see how it works. After playing with it for a while, I've decided its a handy little knife well worth the initial asking price of around $14.00! At $7.00 it is an outright bargain!


I suppose the dislike is the rubber strap for securing the knife. I don't plan on using it. However I could see how such a strap could be helpful while diving. I've heard the strap doesn't hold up to extended salt water exposure but as I've not soaked it in a brine with pork chops I really don't know if this is the case.


The Magnet: That little sucker is strong. You can hang that knife off of anything steel with no problem. Makes the knife the most interesting and functional fridge magnet you'll ever own. I hang the knife off the side of the freezer in my man cave, for easy access.

The Blade: The Rough Rider Dive knives come with three different blade profiles. I went for the Orca because of the chisel point blade. In fact this very stubby blade has four separate functions. The belly of the blade is nonserated cutting surface. The spine of the blade offers a gut-hook or line cutter, and then a small saw. And the tip of the blade is a non sharpened chisel point. The blade is also thick enough and stubby enough to allow you to use the chisel point for its intended purpose. However, you need to be mindful of all the sharp edges

Guard & tang. The guard is integrated into the full tang construction and helps to keep the hand from sliding down. Their are no grips, just a flat full tang. It isn't necessarily designed for cord wrapping but it does have holes which would allow the attachment of grips, if desired. (If you did attach grips, the knife would not lock into the sheath as the sheath used one of the holes to secure the knife.)

The tang was purposely left bare so that it could lashed to pole and made into a spear. This makes more sense for the designs with a point, however, the chisel point would most like puncture flesh it the knife were thrusted forcefully. It easily punctured a watermelon and card board and put a big dent into an inch thick pine board.

Scabbard:   The scabbard is a simple plastic affair that the knife snaps into. The knife is held securely but can be removed with simple thumb pressure.

orca dive knife

A good view of the blades chisel point and other features. The rivet holes are too small for para-cord, however the slots could be used with some effort, if you chose to use this as neck knife. The knife could also be used for a boot knife.

Summing things up:

If you're looking for an inexpensive dive knife or just something for the tool box, this knife would do the trick. The multiple cutting surfaces will come in handy for a variety of chores. The price is so low that you're not going to worry about losing it or damaging it so it will be there for all the dirty jobs you can think of.. The knife is really a useful utility tool and as such could come in handy as a light weight survival back-up blade. (If you're willing to trust your life on a $7.00 knife.)

After Thought:

I'm really not sure why this knife isn't more popular. The little magnet feature I think will make it a collectors item later on down the road.

In all there are three knives in Rough Rider Dive line. The only difference in the line is the blade style and box design. All sale for around $7.00

Fridge magnet

Orca knife on the refrigerator. The magnet is strong enough to securely hold knife and sheath.

  • Name:Orca Dive Knife
  • Model number: RR1191
  • Style: Diving knife
  • Country of origin: China
  • Overall length:  7.25 inches
  • Overall blade length (guard to tip): 3 inches
  • Blade style: Chisel point modified spear
  • Blade steel: 440A Stainless
  • Handle material: N/A
  • Tang:  Full Tang
  • Handle Length: 4.25 inches
  • Guard:  integrated into the tang
  • Tang stamp:
          Obverse - Rough Rider
          Reverse - RR 1191
  • Other identifiable marks:
  • Thumb grip: A small rubber pad in the tang acts as finger/thumb grip
  • Pommel:  Magnet
  • Bail or lanyard: Lanyard hole (recess for magnet)
  • Sheath: Plastic scabbard, multiple carry options