Rough Rider’s RR1144 Hawkbill

Part of my White Smooth Bone Collection

Hawkbill (RR 1144)

When I first started collecting white smooth bone knives, I noticed there was no hawkbill in the Rough Rider line-up. I bought a rather sad affair made by Rite Edge that was a mere 3 inches as filler.  I actually emailed Rough Rider and asked why there was no Hawkbill.  Rough Rider had already produced hawkbills in other bone handles but not in white smooth bone. I know most people see the hawkbill as a pruning knife but it is also commonly used as a sailor’s rope knife.   To me, white smooth bone was a natural for this pattern.  (I also feel it is natural for the large toothpick, but Rough Rider continues to ignore my pleas for that one!)

It took a while but Rough Rider finally got around to producing a WSB hawkbilll. Was it worth the wait. Absolutely. The knife is fantastic. It is patterned after the Case Hawkbill with the very large arching blade which makes cutting line a snap. While it is definitely a pocket full it is very flat and has a lanyard hole making it ideal for the back pocket. And when you open it up you have very elegant cutter for all your pruning, carpet, or rope needs. I currently have two of the Rough Rider hawkbills and see more of them in my future.

Other patterns & handle Materials:
Other Hawkbills:  RR305- Red jigged,  RR764 Amber Jigged, RR861 Yellow Comp, RR1143 Black Jigged (Coal Miner), RR11530 - Armor Hide Series



  • Pattern: Hawkbill
  • Pattern Numbers: RR 1144
  • Length Closed : 4 inches
  • Main Blade: 3 inch Hawkbill
  • Secondary: N/A
  • Blade Etch: N/A
  • Tang: Rough Rider Horeshoe/ RR1144 China
  • Handle: White Smooth Bone  
  • Bolsters: Nickel Silver
  • Lining:  Brass.
  • Pins: Brass
  • Shield : None  
  • Bail: Lanyard hole