Rough Rider’s RR 1059 Large Toothpick (A Stroke of Luck)

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Currently Rough Rider offers five large toothpick knives.  In most cases, each of the five knives is unique unto itself with different styles of bolsters, blade etches and handle materials.  In every case, the large frame toothpicks are have been made as part of some other popular series of knives.  Despite every knife having unique features, they are all based on the same frame and same style 4 inch clip blade.  This frame and blade design is shared with SMKW’s Marbles Trademark line of large frame toothpicks. Schrade as well as Raging Bull Knives, (a small independent importer) apparently had their large frame toothpicks made on the same frame, as well.

RR1059 A Stroke of Luck Large Toothpick


Probably my favorite among the 5 inch Toothpicks, the "A Stroke of Luck" features bolsters cast from a mold based on some old English bolsters found in the National Knife Museum at Smoky Mountain Knife works. The orginal bolsters were at least 80 years old, were cleaned up and pressed back into service.

If this wasn't enough the blade etch is is done using the "Reverse Frosted" technique and finally, a special "horse shoe" shield was inlayed into the green smooth bone.

The top bolsters feature a three leaf clover or shamrock, The bottom bolster has three shamrocks. Behgind the shamrock is a diamond cast design.

The blade etch is similar to the box art, which I beleive was done by Brian Wilhoite, lead designer at Smoky Mountain Knife Works.

Currently this is the last five inch toothpick made by Rough Rider. As anyone who follows RR on Facebook knows, I make pleas almost monthly for more five inch toothpicks.


  • Pattern: Large Toothpick
  • Pattern Numbers: RR1059
  • Length Closed :  5 inches,
  • Length Open : 9 inches
  • Blade Steel: 440A stainless
  • Blade:   4 inch clip
  • Blade Etch: Reverse frosted ASOL
  • Tang: Horseshoe
  • Handle: Green Smooth Bone
  • Top Bolster: 3 leaf clover
  • Bottom Bolster: Triple 3 leaf clover
  • Lining:  Brass.
  • Pins: brass.
  • Shield: ASOL Horseshoe


Packaging: Knife comes in the A Stroke of Luck tray style cardboard box.